Best Djs in Brantford
Best Djs in Brantford
Best Djs in Brantford

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Best Djs in Brantford

Please follow our Facebook page for regular updates on the Novel Corona Virus.

DJ's visit a large number of events in a wide jurisdiction. As such, Brant DJ has determined that our exposure potential remains moderate to the Novel Corona Virus based on our interaction level with Clients and guests in mass. After due consideration to our commitment to providing a safe entertainment and work experience, the following updates are to be in effect until further notice.  

With regards to events and regular operations, Brant DJ has seen fit to enact the following new policies to help safeguard both our valued clients, and DJ's:

For our clients:

  1. Guests are no longer permitted behind the DJ booth. Written notices will be posted with phone numbers to text requests to the DJ.
  2. Our harassment policy will extend to any guest abusing the text request system by sending any message that may be deemed offensive or otherwise unwelcome by the DJ.
  3. Microphone usage by guests is suspended with the proviso of planned speeches, or use by the client. 
  4. Brant DJ will continue to post updates regarding the Corona Virus and any city related decisions that may impact an event. 
  5. Brant DJ will provide guidance on how to minimize potential transmission of the Corona Virus during mass events to clients during a pre-event meeting. 
  6. Any Client who wishes to postpone their event may do so with no risk of incurring any fee(s). 
  7. Any Client who moves an event will not see a change in their balance, or in their cost for services regardless of month or date chosen. Unless they are moving an event to a stat holiday.
  8. Event retaining deposits are non-refundable. However we will credit any deposit towards a new event date.
  9. Any event postponement due to a venue or Government related mandate will be fully credited for any monies paid, including deposits for a new date. 
  10. No new deposits will be required to secure new dates for clients who have had to postpone their event due to a venue or Government mandate.
  11. Brant DJ remains committed to our Clients, and we will continue to monitor our DJ's health and honour our pledge to always provide adequate representation at all contracted events.
  12. There will be no added fees for any company related policy or initiative that incurs extra cost to Brant DJ in administering these changes.

For our DJ's

  1. DJ's are to refrain from physical contact with any guests. 
  2. DJ's are to sanitize their hands regularly and to assist in informing guests and clients of the new policy changes in an effort to minimize confusion and help with understanding the position of Brant DJ.
  3. DJ's are to sanitize microphones before and after use by a Client, or themselves.
  4. Laptops and mixers are to be wiped down before and after each event.
  5. DJ's are to receive company material regarding mass event safety and instruct clients on any hazards that can be eliminated during their event. 
  6. All equipment is to be sanitized and cleaned following any event by the DJ who used it. Brant DJ will extend paid time to facilitate this request. Cleaning schedules will be administered and DJ's will clean one at a time and not in groups.
  7. Under no circumstance is a DJ to touch equipment not designated to them. (CORE equipment assignment only)
  8. Company notices regarding proximity to the DJ booth and text requests are to be posted and adhered to.
  9. No personal notices are able to be posted. Only those issued by Brant DJ.
  10. Any DJ who feels ill is required to call the office and follow up with the appropriate medical professional. 
  11. Any DJ who is required to be quarantined will not be permitted to perform for the following 3 Weekends.
  12. DJ's are being limited to one performance night per Week. Rotation changes will be communicated where necessary.

Thank you all for your help and understanding. A small amount of measure from everyone will help greatly. Please do not hesitate to contact the number or email below with any questions or concerns related to your event with Brant DJ. 

Patrick Harman

Managing owner- Brant DJ


226 208 2031